Manage Your XCH/CATs in Pawket!

An open-source, secure Chia wallet that supports both online and offline scenarios.
Optimized for both desktop and mobile.
Easily customize your transfer with custom CATs and fees.
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Support air-gapped

Pawket has achieved physical isolation from the Internet. In this state, it supports wallet creation/management and sending/receiving transactions, significantly enhancing the security level of assets.

Easily manage your assets on Chia Blockchain

Support XCH/CATs sending and receiving with customized fees. Address variation (derivative addresses) for XCH/CATs.

Derivable mnemonic wallet

With just one mnemonic phrase, unlimited private key wallets can be derived, including shadow wallets (password protected mnemonic phrase).

Fully compatible with Chia official client

The 12-word Pawket mnemonics can be converted into the Chia-compatible 24-word mnemonics and fingerprints.


Pawket is and will continue to be your good companion in the Chia world.
  • Package as extension.
  • Support NFT/address signature and verification.
  • Request payment code.
  • Swap.
2023 Q1
  • Integrate Stably, and support USDS purchase.
  • Support calling Pawket API.
  • Support Chia Name Service(CNS) in Pawket.
  • Support sending transactions via CNS.
2022 Q4
  • Support scanning assets.
  • Support creating DIDs.
  • Support moving NFT to DID.
  • Support DID signature and verification.
  • Support adding custom networks.
  • Support PublicKey account and offline signing.
  • Support encrypting/decrypting message.
  • Support locking coins during the transaction.
  • Open DAPI.
2022 Q3
  • Support NFTs.
  • Upgrade to CAT2 Standard.
  • Upgrade user interface.
  • Support NFT/CAT transactions.
  • Holding NFT can be set as account avatar.
  • Support issuing CATs.
  • Support testnet10 network.
  • Support minting NFTs under testnet10 network.
  • Support address book.
  • Upgrade password security level.
  • Support offer creation/consumption.
  • Offline signing for XCH.
  • Support multiple coins mix-sending.
  • Support multiple target addresses in one transaction.
  • Optimize the user interface.
  • Support customized fees.
  • Comprehensive developer tools for coins.
  • Public beta.
  • XCH/CATs sending, receiving, and multi-address management.
  • Unlimited derivative wallets.
  • Shadow wallets (password protected mnemonic).
  • Release the Alpha version.
  • Add accounts to Pawket with either 12 or 24-word mnemonics.
  • Chia-compatible mnemonics and fingerprints.
  • Support offline wallet creation.
2022 Q2
  • Support offer creation/consumption.
  • Support multiple coins mix-sending.
  • Support multiple target addresses in one transaction.
  • Package as extension and API for dApps.
  • Offline signing.
2022 Q3~Q4
  • View only wallet.
  • Support NFTs.
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